Big Results

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Book: Big Results
Author: Robert Greene
Publisher: Gilberto Chavez Jr
Published on: 18th July 2016

Big Results Epigraph:

The Steps to Getting the Results You Want, and Why Setting Goals Never Works

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A lot of times, when people think about success, they immediately start to think about their goals. They look at their life and start to measure their accomplishments. I then ask these people, of their goals, how many they would say they accomplish in a year or month. In most cases, they have set goals but they have no idea of the steps or work it takes to accomplish them. I tell you, although we set goals, the outcome we desire is a specific set of results.

Let's look at the big picture: the reason why we set goals is because we would like an immediate result, so instead of focusing on the goal, let's focus on the result we want. To me, when I hear the word "goal," I mainly think of wishful thinking. I have no idea how to make this goal a reality, and I know plenty of people who work hard and don't get the result they wanted. Is it possible that, in the process of working toward that goal, they lost sight of the result intended? Or is it possible that they didn't plan the necessary steps to reach the goal/result?

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