Leadership by Choice: Increasing Influence and Effectiveness Through Self-Management

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Leadership by Choice

Is a book by Eric Papp from Wiley

Leadership by Choice Release Date

Leadership by Choice Release Date: 26th June 2012  

About Leadership by Choice


Establish trust with your team by developing a clear decision-making strategy Do you have the opportunity to focus on each decision you make? Chances are, you don't. All too often, our choices are rushed and relationships are strained by not thinking clearly or communicating properly.

We are all responsible for our own productivity. To be a strong leader, our challenge is to find creative ways to be productive and speak with influence. In Leadership by Choice, author Eric Papp looks at key strategies for leaders to excel not just through ability and smarts but connecting with others and establishing strong decision-making skills. The best leaders develop a system for reflecting on ideas and hold themselves accountable for their choices. Leadership by Choice provides you with applicable ideas in an entertaining manner with stories and pictures for all the areas in which you lead.

Loaded with actionable strategies and compelling ideas, Leadership by Choice offers a new road map for becoming a leader people want to follow.


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