Self Mapping: A Practical Guide To Discovering Your True Potential

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Self Mapping

Is a book by Brian Mayne from Watkins Publishing

Self Mapping Release Date

Self Mapping Release Date: 16th July 2019  

About Self Mapping


Created by the hugely successful teacher Brian Mayne, Self Mapping uses a combination of words and images to create a Self Map. Connecting the left brain and the right brain, this unique technique will help anyone to discover their true potential.

Self Mapping will take you on a journey of Self discovery, through the stages of Self Awareness, Self Belief, Self Image, Self Esteem, Self Acceptance, Self Love, Self Actualization, Self Integration and Self Renewal.

Each of these stages are covered in individual chapters, and steps for creating your Self Map are given at the end of each chapter. The system is designed to help you become the best you, in outlook, attitude and actions.

As you work through the book you will create your own Self Map, using the template provided along with a combination of words and images. Creating your Self Map can happen in a single hour-long session, or be spread over many sessions and several days. Once completed it serves both as a conscious reminder about who you choose to become and a subconscious command to make it happen. By regularly meditating on your Self Map you can integrate your Low-self ego with your High-Self spirit to become your True Self; your natural and authentic self, or to put it simply, be yourself.


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